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I appreciate opportunities to create a future. I run on Principles.

my design principles

Photo by Shane Aldendorff from Pexels

to design
is to be curious,
to be curious
is to learn.

intent before tools & methodologies.

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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

designing never ends, check in frequently with reality.

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allow serendipity to creep into your process, manage chaos.

high agency;
don’t wait for conditions to be perfect or otherwise blame circumstances.

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my human centered principles

human centricity is a function directly correlated to explicit exposure to the humans involved.

acknowledgement of otherness, is the root principle for great HCD.

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empower people;
arm them with superpowers, enable their agency and self determination.

design is only as good as the experience it creates for the people who leverage it.