A seasoned Design professional with almost two decades in Digital Products, looking to actively champion innovations that fuel business growth.

my experience educates my design philosophy

design is the business of change

As a multifaceted toolMultifaceted, Design plays a pivotal role driving continuous change.

It first enables an understanding of what can evolve. It provides the means to generate, analyze, and interpret information, facilitating the transformation of data into knowledge and, essentially, shaping a vision of the future.

It can then distill this vision into compelling artifacts, paving the way for low-risk experimentation aimed at maximizing its value and initiating the Learning Cycle, an essential requirement for a creative culture.

Within this culture, even refuted ideas offer valuable insights, although only validated and feasible ones reduce their uncertainty sufficiently to progress to the Development Cycle. From here, Design's classic tools of constructive quality and aesthetics take the center stage.

Ultimately, and underscoring a culture of ongoing creativity, the multiplication and combination of these cycles promote the emergence of new opportunities, and continuous improvement of the customer relationship.


I appreciate opportunities to create futures I run on Principles .

my design principles

to design is to be curious, to be curious is to learn.

intent before tools & methodologies.

allow serendipity to creep into your process; manage chaos.

high agency; don't wait for conditions to be perfect.

check in frequently with reality; designing never ends.

my human-centered principles

alterity, or the acknowledgement of otherness, is the root principle of great Human Centered Design.

as a function, human centricity is directly correlated to explicit exposure to the humans involved.

empower humans; arm them with superpowers, enable their agency and self determination.

design is only as good as the value it creates for the humans who use it.

i've been a design leader for 12 years.

Since 2018 to 2023

Experience Design Director. @Cognizant Softvision.

Since 2016 to 2018

UX Manager. @Wunderman.

Since 2011 to 2014

Team Lead. @Avanade XD.

i've refined multiple skills while leading design teams.

Creative Culture Driven Growth

Proven success in generating cross-functional design teams, and leading team performance through Curiosity, Nonconformity & Experimentation.

Human Centered Mindsets

Strong proficiency in design thinking, user-centered design, among other methodologies to create compelling product visions and user experiences.

Design Practice Performance

Track record of optimizing product design processes, and aligning design strategies with business goals in order to develop innovative products.