Ideation Service Design Blueprints

Farmacity 2017/18

The challenge

Farmacity is one of, if not the largest Pharmacy-Retail companies in Argentina, akin to CVS or Walgreens. They approached Wunderman seeking assistance in building their Loyalty Program.

The work

We split our work into several phases. We wanted to provide a comprehensive vision, so we embarked on creating a 360° view of Farmacity’s customers across all touchpoints. We initiated desk research, delving into existing customer information, and conducted store visits to gather insights from customers, store personnel, and management.

Our exploration spanned stores across various neighborhoods to understand the diverse customer experiences, considering factors such as waiting rooms, self-checkout machines, and specialized stores like “Qüell” and “Get The Look.” Additionally, we assessed their newly launched e-commerce platform by recruiting participants to evaluate the online retail experience.

In store visits

The result

Our research unveiled valuable insights, most importantly highlighting a diverse product mix and multiple customer personas. Despite this, their extensive B2C offering lacked differentiation across segments. To address this, based on the most important scenarios I created As-Is Journey Maps for each segment and collaborated with Copywriters to weave our findings into compelling narratives. We aggregated a Service Blueprint layer to showcase how their operation supported their customer’s experience.

We introduced new Signature Experiences, categorized into Must Have, Should Have, Could Have, and In the Future, uniquely tailored to Farmacity. We designed personalized offerings based on each segment’s behavior, such as Achievement and Time-based benefits, Beauty and Wellness Subscriptions, Fashion-Emergency Hacks, Companion Devices and Apps for Long-term Medical Treatments, Facilitated Store Pickup for Pregnant Mothers, and eventually Automatic In-store Recognition. We integrated everything into a 360° CRM with incentive-based consumption tiers and group plans.

Our recommendations required changes to existing touchpoints and added new ones like the program onboarding or benefit redemption. Servicing multiple segments meant Touchpoints needed to be simultaneously available across multiple channels. We outlined everything in Omni-Channel To-Be Journey Maps, covering Media, Digital, and In-Store Touchpoints, contributing significantly to the development of the infrastructure approach.

The delivery

We invited Leadership and teams to participate in co-creation workshops to build organization-wide buy-in, where we not only presented our findings and strategy but also collaborated on detailing the new and revamped touchpoints.

Organization wide workshops

We finally presented our work to the Board of Directors, outlining a forward-moving approach. Noteworthy was the finding that many customers ended up with Farmacity products in their handbags or backpacks. This inspired us to create a tangible bag for each customer persona, making their introduction more relatable.