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Entrediarios 2014

Entrediarios was our first project within Slap.

The challenge

At the time, news objectivity was very a very hot topic in Argentina, and equal facts would be written about in such disparate ways that they would have totally opposite meanings.

The solution

So our idea was simple, we would create a written media collective objectivity index. Basically we wanted to know what our users thought about media objectivity. Being a binary value, objectivity was not something we could measure from a news outlet, specially because they are collections of subjectivities. So we wanted to calculate an objectivity gradient by averaging what people though about their articles.

We scraped Google News and took the most important news of the day, found the most diverse sources and compared them one to another, removing any reference to the source. We then asked our users to vote if they thought each article was objective or not. Then we created an average by source, number of articles and positive or negative objectivity votes.

The learnings

Needless to say we never really gathered a following, but we did get some political flak on our Facebook page.