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The Spark

The Spark 2012

The challenge

Our client, one of the biggest retail chains in the world, had a lot of valuable information locked away within every operational team.

The solution

So we created this Proof of Concept Intranet, where they would be able to create collaboration spaces. There were multiple collaboration space types like projects, communities and products, offering different configurations for member, content security and available components like calendars, tasks & issue trackers, wikis, posts & discussions, links, documents, related spaces, etc.

My role

I worked as a User Interface Designer, together with Austin Govella as a UX Architect and a Business Analyst. Based on Austin’s documentation I created wireframes and hi-fidelity comps based on the client’s brand guidelines to show them what the Intranet would look like. I also built HTML/CSS layouts and worked with our Developers to implement them on Sharepoint 2010.